6” Black Floor Marking Tape, 45VR94


SKU: 45VR94

Vulture® solid-colored floor tape is designed to help keep warehouses safe and organized, while also improving the appearance of your warehouse. 45VR94 is an alternative to painted lines, 45VR94 allows safety managers to mark off receiving, shipping, inspecting, and machining areas. 45VR94 also marks off aisle ways for  traffic, staging, and storage. 45VR94 features peel-and-stick application, along with a beveled edge to improve durability in harsh industrial environments. 45VR94 allows forklift drivers to roll right over the line without causing damage or tearing. 45VR94 can withstand your industrial scrubber, cleaning over the top of 45VR94 is encouraged to maintain the visual effectiveness of your 5S floor tape.

45VR94 comes in 100' Roll
45VR94 is 50 MIL PVC
45VR94 application: clean your floor and allow it to dry. Peel and stick the tape to the floor and walk over it to ensure a quality bond. 

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