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OHDIS helps implement safety in warehouses by offering a variety of options for yellow safety tape. When it comes to common warehouse practices, under the 5S Color Code system yellow floor tape indicates caution for pedestrian aisleways.

Our options allow you to avoid using paint and all the downtime it brings and lets you quickly and easily apply floor tape for your work environment. Help increase employee morale and efficiency by adding our yellow floor tape to your facility today.

Implement Yellow Floor Tape in Your Warehouse


By adding our Vulture yellow safety tape into your warehouse, you will be improving the organization of your facility in a cost-efficient way. Compared to painted lines, our floor tape alternative is a much faster and easier process. Below are the yellow floor marking tape options that we offer: 

Whether it be our solid continuous roll yellow floor tape or our shapes, all of our options are designed to improve the efficiency and workflow of your workplace. Our yellow floor marking tape is designed to withstand and be resistant to heavy machinery, preventing damage from forklifts or truck traffic. Our tape options additionally promote safety and can direct foot traffic toward exits, especially during emergency situations.

Improve Your Workspace Today


We believe that we have the appropriate adhesive solution for you, and if we don’t, you can request your own custom adhesive solution. Once you have decided which Vulture yellow safety tape is perfect for your facility, contact us today

We are looking forward to helping you improve your work environment!

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