Permalight Photoluminescent Safety Products

At OHDIS, we carry a wide range of products that are carefully designed to ensure the highest level of safety in your warehouse or work facility. Learn more about the Permalight photoluminescent safety products we offer below.

Glow-in-the-Dark Signs

Check out some of our photoluminescent sign options.

Evacuation Route Marking Sign, Photoluminescent, Self-adhesive, 83-40129

This self-adhesive polycarbonate evacuation route marker is equipped with an anti-slip surface and photoluminescent quality. It clearly indicates the direction of your intended evacuation route though the graphic displayed on the sign. The 83-40129 can be used on its own or between two 2-inch, glow-in-the-dark Permalight tape lengths.

Red No Exit Sign, Rigid Photoluminescent Aluminum, Self-adhesive, 600098IBC

This photoluminescent safety product is used in industrial work facilities to ensure worker safety. Built with durable, glow-in-the-dark materials, “No Exit” can be seen from 50 feet away due to its rigid aluminum glow structure. This American Permalight product is self-adhesive, allowing for a quick and easy peel-and-stick application.

Bracket for Ceiling or Perpendicular Mounting of American Permalight Exit Signs, 600055

The American Permalight brackets are used to place your mounted or unmounted exit signs in your desired warehouse area. Our metal brackets are designed to ensure safe and secure mounting for your photoluminescent exit signs. These brackets allow for both perpendicular and horizontal mounts.

Green Exit Sign in Brushed Aluminum Frame: Green Text on P/L Rigid, 600126

This photoluminescent safety product is recommended for warehouses to improve employee and facility safety. Equipped with durable photoluminescent materials, this product allows visibility from 50 feet away. The 600126 also includes two self-adhesive arrow stickers for your desired use.

Red Exit Sign in Brushed Aluminum Frame: Red Text on P/L Rigid, 600127

 This American Permalight glow-in-the-dark safety product displays red text on rigid plastic glow material, enclosed in a brushed aluminum frame that can be clearly seen from 50 feet away. This exit sign includes two self-adhesive arrow stickers to indicate your desired directions at installation. The 600127 also includes accessories for flat-wall mounting.

Green Unframed Exit Sign: Green Text on P/L Rigid, 600117

This photoluminescent safety product is designed to ensure the safety of your workers and work environment. Our American Permalight product is composed of heavy-duty, photoluminescent materials that can be seen from 50 feet away. The 600117 is one of our unframed options and has 4 screw holes for flat-wall mounting capability. It features green text on rigid plastic glow material and includes two self-adhesive arrow stickers for directional application.

Red Unframed Exit Sign: Red Text on P/L Rigid, 600118

This photoluminescent exit sign can be seen from 50 feet away, increasing the safety of your warehouse and workers. Composed of durable glow-in-the-dark materials, this unframed product displays red text on rigid plastic material. It includes 4 screw holes for flat-wall mounting and two self-adhesive directional arrow stickers, giving you the option to order the number of exit signs needed and apply the arrow stickers at installation. 

Photoluminescent Tape and Adhesive Products

 Learn more about our glow-in-the dark safety tape and adhesive products.

Photoluminescent Anti-slip Tape, Self-adhesive, 2” x 52’ roll, 83-0780

 This American Permalight anti-slip tape is photoluminescent and self-adhesive to allow for quick and easy application. This glow-in-the-dark safety product can be used to mark and light-up pathways and is equipped with a rugged surface to prevent workers from slipping. The 83-0780 is best suited for smooth, flat surfaces and not recommended for curved step nosing walls, handrails, pipes, or any non-flat surface.

Black/White Obstacle Marking Tape, Photoluminescent, 1” x 64’, 82-44151L

This photoluminescent safety product is a black and white marking tape used to promote safety in the warehouse work environment by clearly and durably marking all obstacles. The 82-44151L is equipped with self-adhesive backing for a quick and simple peel-and-stick application. This obstacle marking tape is best suited for marking pipes and other wall projections.

Stair-marking Photoluminescent Aluminum Strip, Rigid, Self-adhesive, 48” x 1”, 83-60207

This American Permalight product features a rigid, heavy-duty aluminum strip with self-adhesive application for quick and easy use. This glow-in-the-dark safety product creates light-up marking to outline stair edges and machine/sign perimeter marking along warehouse floors and walls. 

Photoluminescent Handrail Tape, Self-adhesive, 1” x 164’, 82-40708L 

This self-adhesive tape is one of American Permalight’s photoluminescent safety products that can increase the safety in your warehouse. It is used for marking handrails and push bars on doors within facilities even in low-light settings. Additionally, the 82-40708L can be used for striping along walls. 

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