Brosba Absorbent Floor Mat from OHDIS – 34” x 50’




The Brosba absorbent floor mat is durable, versatile, and reliable. With a peel-and-stick adhesive, that doesn’t leave a residue when removed, it’s the perfect solution for padding and adding absorption to your warehouse floors. The Brosba floor mat is great for everyday use in commercial or residential facilities.

Why Choose the Brosba Floor Mat?

Comparable to GRP36301, the Brosba floor mat offers increased traction and padding in any zone in your warehouse. Measuring at 34” x 50’, the absorbent mat can be cut to any shape or size that you need. With a customizable size, the mat can be used anywhere!

With an absorption rate of 7 gallons per 50-foot roll, the Brosba absorbent floor mat has a unique sticky backing that holds the mat in place exactly where it should be. The adhesive is tough and can handle foot traffic and vehicle traffic, and is easily replaceable and residue-free when it’s time to lay a new absorbent mat.

Advantages of Choosing the Brosba Absorbent Floor Mat

When you choose floor mats from OHDIS, you receive advantages that include:

  • Easy cleanup – The Brosba floor mat can easily be cleaned by vacuuming or sweeping right over the top.
  • Incredible absorption – The Brosba absorbent floor mat absorbs a variety of liquids to fulfill of your absorbent needs.
  • Non-slip design – The non-slip top of the Brosba mat makes it the ideal safety solution for any workspace.
  • Versatility – With the ability to trim the mat to any size needed, its capabilities are endless. The Brosba absorbent floor mat can be used on a variety of floor types including tile and concrete.
  • Cutting out rental costs – You won’t have any more monthly bills for mat rotations, and you’ll save long-term with your own absorbent mat.

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