Brosba Heavy Duty Sticky Absorbent Floor Mat - Roll 34"x50' - Extra Absorbency 7 gallons




Our new Brosba absorbent floor mat. This stay in place absorbent floor mat has a peel and stick adhesive. Our sticky absorbent floor mat is easy to use and doesn't leave a residue. It is great for every day use in commercial or residential facilities. This an extra strength absorbent mat with a premium adhesive for every day use.

This mat can absorb 7 gallons per roll at 50 feet.

 Item is comparable to GRP36301


-The Brosba Floor Mat has a grippy/sticky backing to hold the mat where it should be. The adhesive is tough and can handle foot traffic as well as vehicle traffic. However, it is easily pulled up and replaceable when it is time to lay down a new mat

-The mat can be kept clean by vacuuming or sweeping right over top

-The mat can be simply cut to any size or shape. The roll 34”x50’ mat has a length and width that provides the ability to make alterations to fit any area of your work environment or home

-Absorbs different varieties of liquids to fit all absorbent needs

-A safe and non-slip top makes the mat great for safety in the workplace

-Works well on concrete and tile flooring as well as a variety of others

-Saves cost on rental mat services

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