About Our 34” x 100’ Adhesive Floor Mat




OHDIS carries a variety of ultra-durable floor marking tape products including solid color tape, diagonal tape, center line tape, glow tape, 5S floor shapes and more. Our floor tape products, along with our adhesive floor mats, are perfect for use in your facility where you wish to increase safety, efficiency, and organization.

When purchasing your very own 34” x 100’ adhesive floor mat, we guarantee you a high-quality and wear-resistant product that’s able to withstand the most severe working conditions. It also features 14 gallons of absorbency for every 100’ roll.

Benefits of Using Our 34” x 100’ Adhesive-Backed Floor Mat

Benefits to expect when purchasing our products, such as the 34” x 100’ adhesive floor mat, include:

  • The ability to make alterations to fit any area of your work environment or home
  • An adhesive backing that holds the mat firmly in place
  • Can be kept clean by vacuuming or sweeping right over the top
  • Ability to be cut to any size or shape
  • Absorbs different varieties of liquids to fit all absorbency needs
  • A safe and non-slip top, making the mat great for safety in the workplace
  • Works well on concrete and tile flooring as well as a variety of other surfaces
  • Saves costs on rental mat services

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