Apache Mills Industrial Floor Mats

OHDIS offers a variety of floor mats for maintaining productivity and safety in the workplace. Being an industry expert for years, we know that the safety and physical health of you and your workers is of paramount importance, so you need the right equipment. We carry Apache Mills industrial rubber mats for just this reason.

Warehouse Rubber Mats

Our industrial rubber mats are available to meet the size, color, and thickness requirements you need for your facility. Some of the warehouse rubber floor mats OHDIS can provide include: 

  • Diamond Foot Mat, Anti-Fatigue, 9/16” Thick, Dry Area Mat, 210 – The Apache Mills Diamond Foot Mat has a 3/16” thick Diamond Plate Surface, adhered with a 3/8” thick foam layer, providing for total comfort and traction in the workspace. 
  • Supreme Diamond Foot Mat, Anti-Fatigue, 11/16” Thick, Dry Area Mat, 215 – These warehouse rubber mats from Apache Mills are equipped with an even thicker layer of closed-cell foam, being 1/2" in thickness. This provides even further comfort with a total thickness of 11/16”.
  • Ultimate Diamond Foot Mat, Anti-Fatigue, 15/16” Thick, Dry Area Mat, 230 – The ultimate grade Apache Mills industrial rubber mats have a total thickness of 15/16”, with a comfort foam layer as thick as ¾”. With unparalleled traction and the best comfort, this is the most recommended option for your warehouse space. 

Industrial Floor Mat Rolls

Not only are our rubber safety floor mats top tier in the industry, but we also provide rolls of mats with the same thicknesses and widths for your workplace.

All measuring 75 feet in length, our roll options include the following:

  • Diamond Foot Roll, Anti-Fatigue, 9/16” Thick, Dry Area Mat, 210 – This varied width floor mat is also bonded with closed-cell vinyl foam, and the length can provide many forms for utilization. Like with our other options, this foam is created using 100% recycled materials.

  • Supreme Diamond Foot Roll, Anti-Fatigue, 11/16” Thick, Dry Area Mat, 215 – These warehouse floor mats are equipped with the best traction technology and an impressive length, making them perfect for automotive and industrial work cells, as well as machine shops, and maintenance areas.

  • Ultimate Diamond Foot Roll, Anti-Fatigue, 15/16” Thick, Dry Area Mat, 230 – With the same features and comfort as the Ultimate Diamond Foot Mat, this mat roll can reach wall to wall of your workspace while providing foot and back support through the thickness of the foam.

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In addition to industrial rubber mats, OHDIS offers countless products to optimize your warehouse for productivity, including floor tape, tape dispensers, spill mats and kits, and much more!

At OHDIS, we know your warehouse’s rubber floor mat needs, so let us be a part of that transformation. Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about how we can help.

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