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OHDIS Vulture Orange Marking Tape

In order to create a safe and well-organized environment for your employees, OHDIS has the tape and safety solutions for your workplace. Vulture orange safety tape is used within the 5S Color Code to indicate that the area contains parts for machinery. This tape is also useful for safety managers to mark and indicate which areas are for inspecting, receiving and shipping.

Choose our orange floor tape to help organize your workplace while also improving appearance.

Vulture Orange Floor Tape Options and Application

By implementing our orange floor marking tape, you will help protect your equipment while keeping your workers safe. To ensure you find just what you need, we have created multiple options for our orange marking tape. The options we offer include:

The application for our orange safety tape is easy when preparing to mark off areas that are used for staging, storage and traffic. Prepare your area by cleaning and allowing it to dry completely. Then, apply the tape with our peel-and-stick feature which is able to withstand harsh conditions due to its durability and beveled edges.

After placing your orange 5S tape, we recommend testing the space by walking over the area with tape applied to ensure quality and durability. Best yet, once it is time to replace our tape years later, you will be able to easily remove it and apply new without leaving any residue.

Benefits of Using Orange Floor Marking Tape from OHDIS

For over 20 years, OHDIS has been helping increase safety and productivity in the workplace with our floor marking tape and assorted products. We are proud to offer heavy-duty marking tape that offers these benefits:

  • Increased safety and awareness
  • Creation of a clean and organized environment
  • Replacement for painted floor lines
  • Quick application within minutes
  • Variety of bright colors for visual effectiveness 

Our floor tape products help to create a safe and fresh environment for your workplace. If you’re interested in improving your workflow by implementing our orange marking tape, contact us today!

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