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4-Inch Diagonal Tape

At OHDIS, we supply a wide range of tape products, floor mats, spill kits, and more to ensure that our customers have everything they need to keep their facilities safe, organized, and operating at the highest levels.

Among our premium product offerings is our line of 4-inch diagonal floor tapes, perfect for marking off various essential areas within your workspace.

Our 4-Inch Diagonal Floor Tape Options

Our customers can choose from the following 4-inch diagonal tape types:

  • Black and yellow floor tape – 4 inches, 100-foot rolls
  • Black and white floor tape – 4-inches, 100-foot rolls
  • Red and white floor tape – 4-inches, 100-foot rolls

These 4-inch diagonal tapes are vital for facilities that wish to adhere to the 5S Color Code standard, as they allow you to delineate key spaces within your warehouse or other working area. 

Under the 5S Color Code:

  • Black and yellow tape is used to denote areas where there are physical and health hazards to workers and guests, including heavy machinery, combustive or flammable materials, and chemical-based products.
  • Black and white tape is used to denote areas that have been designated as clear spaces for operational needs, often used in places where heavy machinery is regularly utilized.
  • Red and white tape is used to denote safety areas including fire and emergency spaces, with eyewash stations, first aid cabinets, safety showers, and more often being found there.

Additionally, all of our tapes feature 50 MIL PVC with beveled edges to allow them to withstand forklifts, wheel traffic, and foot traffic. Along with this, our peel-and-stick application feature makes applying tape as simple as possible – just clean the given area beforehand and remove the tape for quick implementation.

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