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Premium Gray Tape from OHDIS


At OHDIS, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with only the best when it comes to floor tape products, signs, and more. Our tapes come in many diverse colors that work within the 5S Color Code standard, and one of our available options is our premium line of gray floor tapes.

Though gray is not customarily a part of the 5S Color Code, you can still utilize our gray 5S tape as part of your facility’s tape process as its color gives you the ability to mark off any specialized areas not otherwise covered by the 5S Color Code system. Read on to learn all about the benefits of our gray marking tape.

About Our Vulture Gray Floor Tape


Our gray floor marking tape is ideal for marking off aisleways, storage locations, trafficways, and more. Featuring beveled edges, our tape makes it easy for industrial scrubbers, forklifts, and other heavy machinery to pass over with ease and not do damage to the tape.

Additionally, our tapes feature easy peel-and-stick application and won’t leave residue once removed in the future. They are also a much more preferable solution for warehouses and facilities than painted lines, which will both fade and crack. Painted lines also require a lot of downtime for the painting and drying as well, something you can easily avoid with our quality tapes!

The gray tape options we supply includes:

As you can see, when you choose OHDIS and Vulture for your gray marking tape needs, you get plenty of options to choose from!

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