Brosba Grip Industrial Floor Mats

Brosba absorbent floor mats from OHDIS ensure that your workplace stays clean and safe. These sticky absorbent floor mats are easy to use and ideal for everyday use in commercial or residential facilities.

Water-Absorbent Floor Mats from OHDIS


Stay in place absorbent floor mats from OHDIS have a peel-and-stick, industrial-strength adhesive that does not leave any residue behind once removed. The grip backing on our Brosba industrial floor mats holds the mat where it should be in oil and gas facilities, warehouses, and many other workplaces.

The adhesive backing on our industrial floor mats is heavy duty and made to withstand foot traffic and vehicle traffic. However, our floor mat rolls can be easily pulled up and replaced when it is time to lay down a new mat.

Additional benefits of our water-absorbent floor mats include:

  • Able to absorb various liquids
  • Can be cut to any size or shape
  • The top of the mats is equipped with a safe and non-slip surface
  • Work well on concrete, tile flooring, and a variety of other floor materials
  • Mats can be altered to fit any location in your work environment or home
  • Save money on rental mat services
  • Floor mats can be easily cleaned by vacuuming or sweeping right over the top

Floor Mat Rolls We Offer


Our Brosba absorbent floor mats ensure that your facility stays safe and clean at all times. With a clean and organized facility, you are able to ensure that your workers are safe, which also helps them to increase workflow speed. The floor mat rolls we offer at OHDIS include: 

We Offer Absorbent Floor Mats and Various Other Safety Products


In addition to our line of absorbent floor mats, we also provide a variety of other products that will help to increase safety and productivity in your workplace. The additional safety products we offer include:

By implementing our water-absorbent floor mats with other safety products from OHDIS, you are able to ensure that your place of work stays clean, organized, and running efficiently.

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If you’re looking for a way to increase safety in your workplace, contact OHDIS to learn more about our Brosba peel-and-stick floor mats.

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