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OHDIS prides itself on providing the best warehouse safety products available to reduce and eliminate hazards in your buildings. One of our best and most versatile line of products is our spill socks. These universal spill socks are made to quickly soak up any chemicals or other liquids to take care of any issue that arises. If you have a hazardous or unknown spill, our spill sock products have the absorbency needed to get the job done.

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White Spill Socks


Our White Spill Socks are for oil spills only. The dimensions for the product are 3” x 4’, with 40 units bundled in each pack. For our white spill socks, each pack of 40 has an absorbency of 60 gallons.


Yellow Spill Socks


Our Yellow Spill Socks are some of the universal spill socks we provide for our customers. Universal spill socks can clean up any liquid or hazardous material that you come across. The dimensions of our products are 3” x 4’ and come in a pack of 40. These yellow spill socks can absorb 53 gallons per 40 pack.


Gray Spill Socks


Our other universal spill socks come in the color gray. As a universal spill sock product, virtually any liquid or substance can be absorbed by it. The dimensions are 3” x 4’ and these spill socks come in a pack of 40, while their absorbency is 60 gallons per 40 pack.


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