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The Best Durable Yellow and Blue Tape Center Line Tape

At OHDIS, we are committed to providing you with safety products that last to keep your warehouse or workspace areas safe. If you are searching for durable yellow and blue center line tape that will increase efficiency and improve the appearance of your space, OHDIS has the Vulture floor tape for you.

Our Vulture blue and yellow floor tapes are offered in 2- or 4-inch 100-foot rolls, with 50-mil PVC. The only difference in our floor tapes is the width of the yellow portion of the tape.

Benefits of Our Safety Floor Tapes

A yellow tape with a blue center line is bold, bright, and easily visible when applied to the ground surface of a large space. This tape will allow you to quickly define different areas in your warehouse space to ensure safety precautions are followed among workers. Both variations of the colored floor tape can be used to mark off separate spaces or aisles for traffic, storage, machinery, and more.

The blue and yellow center line tapes we offer are able to be easily applied, cleaned, and removed from any surface. Vulture durable floor tapes were designed as an alternate option to floor paint, featuring a simple peel and stick application.

Vulture's blue and yellow center line tape also has a beveled feature along the edges that enhances its durability in rough warehouse environments equipped with heavy machinery and tools. The strength of our floor tape also allows resistance against industrial equipment that may come in contact with it, preventing damage or tearing. It is also encouraged to clean the tape to enhance its visual brightness when dirty.

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Floor tape from OHDIS provides an ideal alternative option to painting industrial flooring spaces. We offer a variety of colored tapes that will keep your warehouse organized and safe, with ease.

For more information on our products like blue and yellow center line floor tape, you can get a quote or contact us today to learn more!

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