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Our Hazard Floor Tapes


At OHDIS we offer large variety of safety tape for warehouses and facilities, including striped and hazard floor tape. Our tape is ideal for almost any space, including those with frequent use or transportation, cleaning, foot traffic, and anything in between that can come in contact with the tape. 

With its beveled edges, the diagonal floor tape from OHDIS can withstanding just about anything, being one of the most reliable tapes on the market. We know that taping off hazardous areas is important for your space, so we work to provide durable and long-lasting floor tape for the job.

Learn more about our hazard and striped marking tape below.

Our Variety of Diagonal Marking Tape


To save time and money, ditch the paint and use hazard marking tape from OHDIS to keep your facility organized and up to industry safety guidelines. Using OHDIS as your diagonal floor tape manufacturer can enhance organization in your workspace and provide essential safety for workers and equipment. Several ways you can use floor tape in your space include outlining aisles for traffic, marking off storage and staging areas, indicating pallet rows, and designating hazardous areas in the space.

Several striped marking tape colors that OHDIS offers for these designated areas include:

Black and Yellow:

Red and White:

Black and White:

Easy Application for Hazard Marking Tape


All of our colors of diagonal floor tape at OHDIS have the same simple application process. The steps are as follows: 

  1. Clean the area you will be placing the tape on and allow time for it to dry completely

  2. Peel the backing and apply the striped marking tape to the floor

  3. Either walk over or use a heavy object to press down the tape to ensure the adhesive is secure – we can also supply floor tape applicators

  4. Clean the tape regularly to maximize the lifespan and visibility in the workspace



For over twenty years, OHDIS has been an adhesive and converting market leader for necessary 5S Color Code items including floor tape, spill trays, labels and pads, and other safety products.

In addition to the products we carry, OHDIS offers custom adhesive solutions for many of your business’s needs. Our tapes and adhesives can protect your workers, equipment, and even increased productivity for daily work. We work directly with all customers to meet their essential adhesive needs.

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In addition to diagonal marking tape, OHDIS also offers a variety products to help organize and implement safety in your facility. To learn more about products and our business, contact the OHDIS team today.

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