Vulture Adhesive Footprints

OHDIS works diligently to provide our customers with quality solutions to improve safety and efficiency within the workplace. Our products are used in warehouses, oil and gas facilities, healthcare and hospitality environments, and many other environments.

Our 5S floor shapes have proven to increase warehouse and worker safety, and the adhesive footprints we offer will help you achieve such goals. Our floor tape footprints will help mark foot traffic within your facilities to ensure order and safety.

Our Self-Adhesive Footprint Options

Our footprint floor tape will help indicate clear lanes to properly direct foot traffic. These products will also improve efficiency within your facilities by displaying clear paths for shipping, machining, receiving, and inspection zones. Our color-coded footprints will allow you to designate these specific locations. They can also be purchased in packs of 25.

At OHDIS, all of our floor tape footprints are built with durability to withstand foot traffic, industrial scrubbers, and forklifts to keep them looking great and being functional.

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