OHDIS Provides Warehouse Floor Labels

Having clear instructions posted around your facility is an essential component of efficiency in your workplace, and when you affix signs or barcodes onto your warehouse floor, they need to be able to withstand ongoing traffic without peeling up on the edges. To be confident in the longevity of your floor signs, choose the Vulture floor labels from OHDIS.  

Benefits of Using Our Floor Labels

OHDIS floor labels are designed with customer satisfaction in mind. We design tapes that are equipped with beveled edges and heavy-duty materials, giving them the ability to withstand industrial scrubbers, forklifts, traffic from trucks, and more. 

Using OHDIS warehouse floor labels within your facility also has the ability to increase employee awareness and safety. These products can also promote cleanliness within the work environment and encourage productivity by reducing the downtime required by painting notifications.

You’ll Appreciate the Ease of Installation

Not only are our floor labels able to enhance production and encourage cost-efficiency, but they are also incredibly user-friendly. By completing the following steps, you can apply our floor labels in your warehouse or other facilities:

  1. Clean your floor and allow it to dry completely
  2. Reveal the adhesive by peeling off the protective backing
  3. Adhere the floor label in the desired location
  4. Apply pressure to the label to ensure long-term durability

After completing these quick steps, you can achieve readable signs that are designed to endure even the most undesirable conditions. To maintain readability, be sure to clean the floor sign regularly.


OHDIS has been providing adhesive solutions to your floor marking needs for over 20 years. With our expertise and presence in the manufacturing industry, we are able to provide products designed to help your business grow.

In addition to warehouse floor labels, we also offer other products such as floor tape, floor signs, tape dispensers, and even custom items to help highlight instructions within your facility. Be sure to check these out to see how you can further optimize your workflow!

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