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Our Vulture Black Floor Tape


We offer our Vulture black marking tape to help keep facilities organized and safe. The tape is designed to improve the appearance of your warehouse while also serving a purpose. As stated by the 5S Color Code standard, black 5S tape is used to denote that there is a work-in-progress area or an area that includes finished work. With that in mind, this tape color is often used in an area that is frequently monitored. 

Black Floor Marking Tape Options


Are you looking to indicate areas of your workplace that are used for materials or notices? Check out the options that we have for black 5S tape at OHDIS: 

These four options all come in 100-foot-long continuous rolls. We also offer various Vulture solid black floor marking tape shapes. The shapes that we supply include:

Advantages of our black floor tape include its peel-and-stick application and its ability to withstand harsh industrial environments due to its durability. Redesign your facility with our easy-to-use tape as an alternative to using messy paint. Increase awareness and organization within your warehouse by implementing our Vulture black floor marking tape.

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OHDIS offers a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes that are able to satisfy your adhesive needs. Our long-lasting tape is guaranteed to be a great option for your facility.

Request a quote today or contact us for more information on finding the appropriate tape for your workplace.

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