Floor Tape T’s

At OHDIS, we understand the importance of having clear floor markings in high-traffic environments. To corner off major sections, we offer floor tape T’s that will keep your aisleways orderly.

Our floor tape T’s are designed with heavy-duty materials to endure even the toughest of conditions, and all of our floor tape products can be applied within minutes and are ready for traffic right away. These durable floor marking T’s can last years, making them the perfect alternative to painted lines.

Floor Marking T’s from OHDIS

VULTURE® floor marking T’s are designed to increase safety and organization in your facility or 5S environment. These floor tape T’s are great for creating borders for large areas or marking off large sections all at once.

5S floor tape T’s are designed to withstand heavy forklift and foot traffic seen in such diverse fields as manufacturing, storage, healthcare, hospitality and more.

Our Collection of 5S Floor Tape T’s

Floor tape T’s from OHDIS come in packs of 100 but they can also be purchased in packs of 25 as well – please contact our team for details. These 5S floor marking T’s are two inches wide and are available in a variety of colors including:

More from OHDIS

You can further promote safety and increase organization in your business by utilizing our floor tape T’s alongside our other 5S floor marking products. OHDIS offers a wide variety of durable floor tape solutions including:

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