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Vulture Solid-Colored White Marking Tape


OHDIS offers industrial white floor tape that is ideal for marking in warehouses, oil and gas facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality environments, and more. It is designed to keep these spaces safe and organized, in addition to improving overall appearance.

Our white marking tape with simple peel-and-stick application is ideal for:

  • Safety managers marking off receiving, shipping, inspecting and machining areas
  • Marking off aisleways for traffic, staging, and storing
  • Forklift drivers rolling right over the line without damage
  • Withstanding industrial scrubbers and heavy wheel traffic

Implement Our White Floor Marking Tape into Your Facility


Add white safety tape into your facility to improve safety in a cost-effective way. Below are your white marking tape options: 

No matter what the size of the roll is, all our white floor marking tape is designed to improve efficiency in your workplace. Each of our products is designed to withstand a variety of conditions and prevent damage from machinery used within your facility. 

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OHDIS offers custom adhesive solutions to keep your workers safe, increase workflow speed, and deliver you the best products at a low cost. 

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