Vulture Solid Color Floor Tape (Best) - Items tagged as "Blue"

According to warehouse common practices and the 5S Color Code system, blue tape represents work-in-progress areas or areas that have equipment that is under repair. By applying our blue floor tape to mark off these areas, you’ll be able to improve appearance, productivity, and safety within your workplace.

At OHDIS, we have a wide variety of tape colors and styles available, and look forward to helping you optimize your warehouse space.

Marking Your Facility with Blue Floor Tape


Vulture solid blue marking tape helps create a safer and more organized facility. Our tape is designed for an easy, peel-and-stick application which is a great alternative to painting lines, as it is a more cost-effective, time-effective, and efficient option. Stop painting and start applying with these blue floor tape options:

When applying any of these tape options, ensure that the floor is clean and dry. Once applied, the blue safety tape will be able to withstand heavy industrial machines due to its durability. Within minutes, the tape will be able to be driven over or walked on, and it will continue to last for years.

Implement Blue Marking Tape in Your Workplace


Our blue floor marking tape options are ideal for your facility in order to keep it tidy and organized. With our help, you will be able to increase the safety and efficiency of your workplace through blue safety tape and other products.

Choosing our long-lasting, durable tape is exactly what your facility needs. Contact us today!

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