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Foam Guards 

Let’s take a look at some of the foam guard products linked above.

Foam Guard Type H, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4" X 1.75", 82-0416

This industrial safety product will increase safety, minimize work-related injuries and protect walls and equipment. It’s made of recycled polyurethane foam which absorbs forces of impact and allows for bounce back.

Foam Guard Type H, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4" X 2.4", 82-0426

The American Permalight foam guard is made to prevent injuries and enforce safety within your work environment. This product is similar to the 82-0416 but has different dimensions.

Foam Guard Type E, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4" X 1", 82-5396

This corner guard is self-adhesive, easy to install and will help minimize work-related injuries. The 82-5396 is not photoluminescent.

Foam Guard Type B, I-Beam Slide-On, Non-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4" X 1.7", 82-0920

This industrial safety product is essential for safety on the I-beams. The guards slide snuggly onto the beam and protect equipment throughout your facilities.

Foam Guard Type A, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4” X 1.7” 82-0900

To minimize injuries and increase safety, this foam guard is self-adhesive and is easily applied.

Foam Guard Type A, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 16’ X 1.7” 82-0900-5

This version of foam guard is very similar to the 82-0900, but features different dimensions.

Flat Foam Guard Type F, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4” X 1.7”, 82-5397

The 82-5397 flat foam guard protects walls, racks, and equipment within your facility.

Corner Foam Guard, 3-Directions, Self-Adhesive, Black, 1.9” X 1.5”, 82-0975

Protecting from risk of injury due to protruding corners or edges, the all-black corner guard fits onto any 3-directional shelf/catwalk joint. Note: This industrial safety product is not photoluminescent.

Corner Foam Guard, 2-Directions, Self-Adhesive, Black, 1.9” X 1.5”, 82-0970

Similar to the 82-0975, the 82-0970 protects harsh corners with any 2-directionals shelf/catwalk joint.

Exit Signs 

Let’s take a look at some of the exit sign products linked above.

Red Unframed Exit Sign: Red Text on P/L Rigid, 600118

To ensure safety for workers, this American Permalight product is visible from 50 feet away. This product is unframed and comes with 4 screw holes for flat wall mounting.

Red No Exit Sign, Rigid Photoluminescent Aluminum, Self-Adhesive, (600098IBC)

 The rigid glow material helps promote safety in the work facility. This industrial safety product is self-adhesive, allowing you peel and stick the sign.

Red Exit Sign in Brushed Aluminum Frame: Red Text on P/L Rigid, 6000127

This American Permalight exit sign is durable with rigid plastic glow material. It comes with two directional arrows and accessories for flat wall mounting.

Green Unframed Exit Sign: Green Text on P/L Rigid, 600117

This exit sign illuminates green texts for workers to view from 50 feet away. The 600117 is unframed and comes with 4 screws for wall mounting.

Green Exit Sign in Brushed Aluminum Frame: Green Text on P/L, 600126

This American Permalight industrial safety product has a red plastic glow inside of an aluminum frame. It ensures safety for workers with its photoluminescent materials.


Other Products 

Adhesive for Type B Corner Guards, Scotch-Weld Adhesive, 1 US Pint, 83-0789

This adhesive can be used to help the foam guards fit snug onto the beams. American Permalight’s adhesive promotes long lasting safety.

Bracket for Ceiling or Perpendicular Mounting of American Permalight Exit Signs, 600055

These brackets ensure safe and secure mounting for your exit signs. They allow for both horizontal and perpendicular mounts.

Stair-Marking Photoluminescent Aluminum Strip, Rigid, Self-Adhesive, 48” X 1”, 83-60207

Never worry about safety moving through your facility with American Permalight’s aluminum strips that mark the edges of steps as well as machines, floors and walls.

Photoluminescent Handrail Tape, Self-Adhesive, 1 in X 164 ft, 82-40708l

In your shipping, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities, this polyester tape can mark your handrails and push bars on doors.

Photoluminescent Anti-Slip Tape, Self-Adhesive, 2” X 52’ Roll, 83-0780

 This industrial safety product marks pathways brightly to prevent workers from falling.

Evacuation Route Marking Sign, Photoluminescent, Self-Adhesive, 83-40129

To maintain the safety of your facility, the evacuation sign clearly marks the direction of your exit route.

Black/White Obstacle Marking Tape, Photoluminescent, 1” X 64’, 82-44151l

The American Permalight marking tape durably marks any obstacles, ensuring optimal safety in your facility.


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