Choose Permalight Tape and More to Optimize Your Facility’s Safety

Transform your facility’s safety with the use of American Permalight products. From foam guards and photoluminescent signs to anti-slip tape and more, this collection of products works together to increase employee safety, minimize work-related injuries, and protect walls.

American Permalight Products We Supply

Our collection of American Permalight tape and other products is ideal for optimizing safety in your facility. Keep your employees free from injuries with the following offerings:

  • Tape – OHDIS has a selection of Permalight tape available, and the first we would like to highlight is the photoluminescent handrail tape, which is perfect for facilities and stairways that are not always well lit. Additionally, we offer an anti-slip tape option which can be ideal for both stairways and slippery floors. Lastly, we offer the black and white striped variation of American Permalight marking tape to warn of obstacles. All of these products are complete with self-adhesive properties for easy application.
  • Foam guards – Our foam guards are produced in yellow and black to help advise caution. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this product will protect your staff while also keeping your walls safe from damage, and they are designed to fit snuggly against your beams and corners for a secure fit.
  • Signs – Other items that accompany American Permalight tape well are our Permalight signs. Available for both entry and exit, these signs come in red and green so that you can choose what is going to work best in your facility. Plus, these signs come in both framed and unframed options to fit your preference.

Beyond American Permalight tape and other products, if you are looking for additional ways to boost safety within your facility, be sure to check out our spill kits, glow-in-the-dark tapes, and more.

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Employee safety should be at the forefront of your operations. With American Permalight marking tape, foam guards, and signs, you can contribute to a safer work environment for your team and keep accidents to a minimum.

Shop American Permalight products today or contact our team to learn more!

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