2” Red Floor Tape from OHDIS


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SKU: 971 - R2

At OHDIS, we provide durable floor marking tape products that are ideal for warehouses, oil and gas facilities, healthcare and hospitality environments, and many other 5S workplaces. Increase safety, organization, and efficiency in your facilities with our red 2-inch floor tape.

OHDIS 2” red floor tape contains a vinyl material that is backed with industrial adhesive to withstand forklift traffic. This 30-MIL-thick adhesive solution is designed for long-term floor marking and can still be removed cleanly.

Our Heavy-Duty Ultra Durable Red 2-Inch Floor Tape

OHDIS 2” red floor tape was made to withstand heavy traffic areas and industrial forklifts. The industrial-grade adhesive has a strong bond for concrete floors and is an easy-to-use vinyl floor tape with a removable liner. OHDIS adhesive solutions are great for 5S facilities, lean manufacturing spaces, and other industrial areas. To learn more about our adhesive solutions, feel free to reach out today!

Key information about this product includes:

  • MFG Number – 971R2
  • OHDIS Part Number – 14101

Choose Our Red 2-Inch Floor Tape

When you purchase our 2” red floor tape from OHDIS, you will receive numerous benefits, which include:

  • Maintains its color after heavy industrial traffic
  • Provides a strong bond to industrial floors but can be removed in one piece
  • Great for 5S lean manufacturing facilities
  • Saves time and money from painting floors regularly
  • Cost-efficient compared to paint
  • No residue left behind upon removal

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