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Our Premium Brown Tape


OHDIS is proud to offer a variety of colored floor tape through our Vulture brand. Vulture brown tape is designed to help keep warehouses safe and increase organization. By having beveled edges, our tape is able to withstand industrial traffic and remain durable and intact. By implementing our brown floor tape, you will be able to improve your facility instantly. 

Options of Vulture Brown Safety Tape


When applying our brown safety tape in your facility, prepare your area by cleaning it and allowing it to dry before application. When applying, easily peel and stick the tape to your area and then we recommend walking over it to ensure that there is a quality bond. 

We currently offer two types of brown line marking tape, with both of these options coming on 100-foot continuous rolls. The two options offered are:

If you’re looking for additional solid-colored options, check out our selection to see how you can create a 5S-approved facility. By maintaining a workspace with brown 5S tape, you are creating efficiency and safety in your warehouse. Our brown 5S tape is often used to mark aisleways for traffic, staging, and storage.

Contact OHDIS for Your Brown Floor Tape


Our team wants to help save you time in improving your facility by implementing our brown floor tape as an alternative to messy paint lines. Let us help you with your adhesive needs in a cost-effective way!

Reach out to us today to start your warehouse improvement and learn which products would be best for your environment.

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