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Our Line of Black and White Tape


Black and white caution tape from OHDIS was designed to help you create an organized and safe workplace. This high-quality line marking tape can be used in oil and gas facilities, 5S environments, warehouses, and much more!

Our Black and White Caution Tape Comes in Various Sizes


According to the 5S floor marking color standard, black and white striped tape is used to designate areas that need to be kept clear for operational purposes. 

At OHDIS, we provide a range of black and white hazard tape, available in various widths to meet your application needs. Our selection of black and white tape includes: 

  • 2” black and white striped tape
  • 3” black and white caution tape
  • 4” black and white diagonal tape

Benefits of Our Black and White Striped Tape


When implemented into the workplace, our black and white diagonal tape can greatly increase productivity, safety, and organization. Some of the additional benefits of using our black and white tape include:

  • Easy to apply
  • Cost efficient
  • Quicker to install than painting lines
  • Long lasting
  • Helps to maintain a 5S-approved workplace
  • American made 
  • Equipped with beveled edges to guarantee durability
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Leaves no residue behind when removed

To make applying our black and white tape even easier, try one of our premium tape dispensers or applicators

Additional Safety Solutions from OHDIS


To keep a workplace organized and operating smoothly, we recommend pairing our black and white hazard tape with any of our additional safety products. Some safety products we suggest include:

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Ready to start organizing your workplace? Contact the team at OHDIS to learn more about any of our safety products or place an order for black and white safety tape!

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