Social Distancing Floor Signs and Floor Tape for Improved Safety

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With the rise of COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, it is vital to maintain good hygiene and human separation within the workplace. When it is impossible to work from home to support your business, it is very important to take special precautions in the workplace. By utilizing social distancing floor signs throughout your facility, you can ensure that employees are reminded on a regular basis to keep a safe distance from one another and prevent the spread of germs.

With some helpful social distance floor signs and marking tape, the workplace can keep workers healthy while preventing the further spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. It is essential that workers are washing their hands properly and maintaining the social separation rules whenever possible.

Companies, offices, hospitals, and stores are all reliant on utilizing social distancing floor signs, so people know how to stay safe and maintain the needed separation via 6-feet distance floor signs. Hospitals in particular utilize our signs to maintain proper separation at elevators and washing stations.

Check out our line of social distancing floor tape to improve safety in your workplace and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Our Collection of COVID Floor Signs

Some key social distancing floor signs and floor tape that can help improve safety throughout your facility include: 

Please consider using our shapes, tapes, social distancing floor signs, and COVID-19 floor signs to keep your employees healthy. During flu seasons and virus outbreaks, it is very important to stay calm and to follow government health safety recommendations.

Why Choose OHDIS for COVID-19 Floor Signs and Other Social Distance Floor Signs and Tapes

OHDIS has over 20 years of experience in the adhesives industry. We are known for the high-quality manufacturing of industrial floor tape, floor signage and other floor marking products. When it comes to something as important as keeping your employees healthy, put your trust in OHDIS to provide long-lasting and easy-to-apply 6-feet distance floor signs, as well as other safe distance floor signs and tape.

Advantages of Purchasing Social Distancing Floor Signs from OHDIS

When you shop OHDIS for social distancing floor signs and assorted safety products, you can expect to enjoy a variety of advantages. Some of the benefits include:

  • Beveled edges to withstand tough conditions including industrial scrubbers, forklifts, and truck traffic
  • Heavy-duty and reliable composition
  • Multiple color, size, and width options
  • Peel-and-stick application making for a quick and easy installation
  • Protection of equipment and employees
  • Increase in employee efficiency, safety and morale
  • Cost-efficiency over painted lines
  • Ability to designate areas for shipping, receiving, inspecting, or machining
  • Zero residue left behind at removal

Are you ready to improve the safety and well-being of your staff by using our social distance floor signs? Get started with a quote for any of our safe, social distancing signs or tape products!

Contact Us Today for Social Distancing Tape and Floor Signs from OHDIS

Reach out to us today to begin implementing these important social distancing signs in your workplace! It is vital that we follow these guidelines to keep everyone healthy and slow the spread.

For more tips on preventing the spread of viruses in the office or warehouse, please refer to OSHA's very helpful guide: OSHA3990 Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19.

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