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At OHDIS, we offer a wide variety of industrial foam guards to give businesses a range of options to fit their needs. Let’s take a look at some of the industrial safety guards linked above!

Corner Foam Guard, 3-Directions, Self-Adhesive, Black, 1.9” X 1.5”, 82-0975

This safety guard is aimed to protect workers against protruding corners, edges and objects that could cause injury within your manufacturing facility. The 82-0975 is made of recyclable polyurethane allowing it to effectively brace the impact of force and let objects bounce back.

Corner Foam Guard, 2-Directions, Self-Adhesive, Black, 1.9” X 1.5”, 82-0970

Very similar to the 82-0975, the 82-0970 increases safety, protects walls and equipment, and minimizes work injuries. This foam bumper guard fits onto 2-directional shelf and catwalk joints.

Foam Guard, Type B, I-Beam Slide-on, Non-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4” X 1.7”, 82-0920

This industrial safety product is essential for safety on the I-beams. The guards slide snuggly onto the beam and protect equipment throughout your facilities.

Flat Foam Guard, Type F, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4” X 1.7, 82-5397

The flat foam bumper guard is self-adhesive and easy to install. One aspect to note is that while the 82-5397 is self-adhesive, it is not photoluminescent.

Foam Guard, Type E, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4” X 1”, 82-5396

This foam guard is very similar to the 82-5397 but with slightly different dimensions and a triangular shape.

Foam Guard, Type H+, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4” X 2.4”, 82-0426

Made of recyclable polyurethane foam, the 82-0426 minimizes injuries, is self-adhesive, and easy to apply.

Foam Guard, Type H, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4” X 1.75”, 82-0416

The 82-0416 foam guard is the same as the 82-0426 but features different dimensions. It promotes safety throughout the facility by minimizing work-related injuries.

Foam Guard, Type A, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 16’ X 1.7”, 82-0900-5

This Permalight product is made to alert workers to well-marked hazards and protect walls and equipment. This industrial safety guard is non-adhesive and not photoluminescent.

Foam Guard, Type A, Self-Adhesive, Black/Yellow, 39.4” X 1.7”, 82-0900

To minimize injuries and increase safety, this foam guard is self-adhesive and is easily applied.

Other Products

Adhesive for Type B Corner Guards, Scotch-Weld Adhesive, 1 U.S. Pint, 83-0789

The Type B corner foam guards are made to fit snugly around the beams, but the use of adhesive is essential to ensure security. The adhesive will permanently secure the guard to the beam, promoting lasting safety.

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