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Green Floor Marking Tape


OHDIS provides industrial floor tape for warehouses and facilities to improve safety and working conditions. Our green floor marking tape offers a more cost-effective and durable alternative solution to painting lines, since they can both cause a lot of downtime and end up cracking and fading with time.

Boost the safety of your facility and reduce workplace accidents when you choose OHDIS for your green floor tape manufacturer! Use our tape to mark off areas for shipping, receiving, machining, and inspecting. This green 5S tape can withstand industrial scrubbers and forklifts without any signs of damage. 

Our Line of Green Line Marking Tape

Features of our green floor marking tape include: 

  • Keeping warehouses safe and organized
  • Improving appearance of your facility
  • A great alternative to painted lines
  • Marking off aisleways for traffic, staging, and storage
  • Peel-and-stick application 
  • Improved durability in harsh industrial environments due to beveled edges 
  • Available in 100’ rolls and is 50 MIL thick 

Additionally, our green floor tape is useful for helping you adhere to the 5S Color Code standard, as green tape is often used for spaces monitored frequently, particularly for areas with raw materials, work-in-progress spaces, and areas with finished work.

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OHDIS has been a manufacturer in the adhesive and converting industry for over 20 years. We have solutions for a variety of niches to help ensure safety and productivity within your facilities. Our green floor tape will help keep your workers safe, increase workflow speed, and help you to offer better products at a lower cost. 

To learn more about heavy-duty floor marking tape from OHDIS, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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