Vulture Arrow Tape

For more than twenty years and counting, OHDIS has been providing custom adhesive and converting solutions to a variety of markets. We are dedicated to supplying niche, adhesive products to help with operations within the manufacturing space.

At OHDIS, our team offers a broad collection of floor tape arrows for warehouses and other industrial work environments. These 5S arrow tapes are used to increase safety, efficiency, and organization in the workplace. If you’re looking to significantly improve the conditions of your facility for your employees, check out our floor tape arrows.

Our 5S Arrow Tape Collection

Our Vulture arrow tape is designed to deliver safety and awareness by directing pedestrians toward specific areas with color-coded designations. Available in a variety of colors, these floor tape arrows are ideal for 5S manufacturing environments. Our 5S arrow tape options include:

Arrow tape from OHDIS is crafted with heavy-duty materials and designed for durability. With a quick and easy installation, our floor tape arrows serve as a long-lasting and cost-effective solution to painted lines.

Reach Out to OHDIS Today for Floor Tape Arrows for Warehouses

If safety, organization, and productivity are important in your work facility, OHDIS has the solutions you need. Our arrow tape options and assorted safety products are proven to protect equipment, keep employees safe, and improve the speed of workflow.

Contact OHDIS today to learn more about our floor tape arrows for warehouses or to get started with a quote.

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