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Vulture Red Safety Tape from OHDIS


OHDIS offers a heavy-duty floor marking tape capable of withstanding harsh industrial conditions for extended periods of time. From solid-colored tape to glow-in-the-dark tape to even handy floor shapes, we have the safety tape you need for your 5S facility.

Our products are used regularly to protect equipment, increase employee safety, and improve workflow speed. If you work in a warehouse, oil and gas facility, healthcare or hospitality environment, or any industrial workplace, OHDIS offers the durable safety solutions that you need.

Interested in improving workplace safety with floor tape? Take a look at the Vulture red floor marking tape options we provide.

Red Floor Marking Tape for Your Safety Needs


Our red safety tape is available is various sizes depending on the needs of your industrial workplace. Proven to improve facility safety, organization, and efficiency, our red 5S tape serves as a cost-effective solution to painted lines.

The red floor tape options we carry are listed below:

Red floor marking tape from OHDIS is used to designate receiving, shipping, inspecting, and machining areas of the warehouse and can also be used to mark off aisleways for traffic, staging, and storage. Interested in purchasing red floor tape for your operational needs? Get a quote today!

Advantages of Using Our Red Floor Tape in Your Industrial Facility


When you choose OHDIS for your red floor marking tape needs, you are guaranteed to receive a number of added value benefits. In addition to improving workplace safety, our safety tape also delivers the following advantages:

  • Peel-and-stick application to allow for simple installation
  • No residue left behind upon removal
  • Helps to protect equipment and employees
  • Beveled edges to endure movement of forklifts, truck traffic, and industrial scrubbers
  • Ability to increase workplace safety, functionality, organization, and even appearance

Reach Out to OHDIS for More Information About Our Red Marking Tape Options


If increasing workplace and employee safety is important to you, OHDIS offers a variety of solutions to do so. From safety signs to floor marking tape and even custom solutions, we can supply the safety products your facility needs.

Contact us today to learn more about the red 5S tape collection we have available.

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