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Vulture Purple Floor Marking Tape from OHDIS


At OHDIS, we offer a wide range of floor marking tape and other products to help improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace. Ideal for oil and gas facilities, warehouses, healthcare facilities, hospitality environments and more, our floor tapes are designed for durability and versatility in even the toughest workplaces. 

OHDIS supplies various Vulture solid color marking tape options to meet the safety needs of practically any industrial workplace. Our purple floor tape collection is equipped to withstand forklifts, truck traffic, and even industrial scrubbing.

Check out some of our purple floor tape options.

Our Purple Floor Tape Options for Improving Warehouse Safety


At OHDIS, we carry multiple purple floor marking tape options, varying in size, for your application needs. Our purple tapes are used in warehouses to designate receiving, shipping, inspecting, and machining areas as well as aisleways for traffic, staging, and storage. 

Our purple 5S tape collection includes:

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Benefits of Our Purple 5S Tape


There are many advantages that come with implementing our purple floor marking tape into your business operations. Check out some of the benefits listed below:

  • Quick and simple peel-and-stick application
  • No residue left behind at removal
  • Beveled edges to increase durability in harsh environments 
  • Cost-effective alternative to painted lines
  • Ability to withstand forklifts, truck traffic, and industrial scrubbers without damage 
  • Proven to improve safety, efficiency, organization, and appearance in the workplace 

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Are you looking to improve the safety, productivity, and organization in your industrial workplace? Start by choosing our OHDIS floor tape and safety products. Our purple 5S tape provides many added benefits to your warehouse and to your workers. 

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