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6-Inch Diagonal Tape from OHDIS


OHDIS supplies a variety of high-quality tape products that will withstand the toughest conditions in your workplace. Our products help ensure that our customers have what they need to keep their facilities safe and organized. 

The 6-inch diagonal tape from OHDIS is ideal for various workplace conditions including frequent use, transportation, cleaning, foot traffic, forklifts and more. We know that marking off your workspaces is important, so learn more about how our 6-inch diagonal floor tape is ideal by being durable and long-lasting.

Our 6-Inch Diagonal Tape


Customers can select the following 6-inch diagonal floor tape solution:  

Save time and money by ditching the paint and using our adhesive solutions from OHDIS. When you choose our 6-inch diagonal tape, you’ll receive a product that will improve organization in your workplace and provide safety for workers and equipment. Use our floor tape to mark aisles for traffic, storage and staging areas,  pallet rows, and hazardous areas in your facility. 

Plus, our tape solutions have beveled edges allowing them to withstand just about anything they’ll face, making them the most reliable tapes on the market. With their long-lasting durability, our 6-inch diagonal floor tapes are ones you can’t beat. 

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If you are looking to increase efficiency and improve productivity in your facilities, our 6-inch diagonal floor tape is the best solution for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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