3” Yellow Floor Tape


SKU: 45VR56

At OHDIS, we offer a variety of floor marking tape and other adhesive solutions to increase efficiency and functionality throughout your workplace.

Our yellow 3-inch floor tape acts as an alternative to painted lines, allowing for no production downtime. Safety managers can easily mark off specific areas for shipping, traffic, staging, and storage, without the hassle of waiting for paint to dry.

Benefits of Our Solid Yellow 3-Inch Floor Tape

Vulture® 3” yellow floor tape is designed to help keep warehouses safe and organized, while also improving the appearance of your workspace. Our 45VR56 yellow 3-inch floor tape comes in a 100’ roll and is 50 MIL thick.

Some additional benefits of our 3” yellow floor tape include:

  • Peel-and-stick application
  • Beveled edges to improve durability in harsh industrial environments
  • Allows forklift drivers to roll right over the line without causing damage or tearing
  • Ability to withstand industrial scrubbers

When applying our yellow 3-inch floor tape, clean your floor and allow it to completely dry. Next, simply peel and stick the tape to the floor and walk over it to ensure a quality bond. We recommend cleaning over the top of our 3” yellow floor tape to maintain visual effectiveness and longevity.

Get Started with Your 3” Yellow Floor Tape Today at OHDIS!

If you’re looking to optimize production processes and efficiency in your 5S work environment, our yellow 3-inch floor tape is an ideal solution. Place an online order or contact us today for more information!

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