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In your facility, you probably strive to have a productive crew that is kept safe at all times, and one way to achieve this is through the use of floor tape. Tape can be especially useful in directing traffic, identifying dangerous areas, or highlighting directions in the case of an emergency.

If this seems like the right fit for your work environment, consider using additional tools to make the application process easy. For this reason, we offer floor tape applicators that are designed to achieve quality outcomes each time.

Start Using Mighty Liner Floor Tape Applicators

Whether you operate in manufacturing, storage, hospitality, healthcare, or other 5S environments, the Mighty Line floor tape applicator is designed to help you achieve straight tape lines with precision.

The Mighty Liner floor marking tape applicator is versatile and reliable. It features adjustable walls that are able to fit 2-, 3- and 4-inch tape, which gives it the ability to be used in most projects and areas around your facility.

A Rundown on How to Use an Industrial Floor Tape Applicator

With the Mighty Line floor marking tape applicator, you can indicate spaces within your facility in five simple steps.

  1. Load the roll
  2. Tighten walls to grip the roll
  3. Feed the liner through
  4. Align with a straight line
  5. Push the applicator to dispense the tape
  6. Cut tape segments at desired lengths

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Experience with Your Mighty Line Floor Marking Tape Applicator

To achieve the best experience with your floor marking tape applicator, we developed a few tips and guidance points.

  • Before applying the tape with the Mighty Line floor tape applicator, be sure to clean the surface to promote optimal placement and longevity.

  • When using your floor tape applicator, feel free to sketch lines for guidance. This will help ensure straight application and a final product that you are satisfied with.

  • To achieve the best application with your device, the first couple of feet will be applied by hand to ensure the proper direction of the tape.

  • As you walk with the industrial floor tape applicator, try walking on the freshly laid tape. This will help it adhere to the floor.

  • After you have achieved the desired results, be sure to cut the end of the tape and firmly secure it against the ground to avoid premature peeling.

  • While this machine is designed specifically for Mighty Line tapes, it can also be used on other non-backed tapes like duct, vinyl, gaffer, and more.

Contact Us Today for More Information on Mighty Line Applicators for Floor Tape

Using floor tape acts as a stronger alternative to painting lines. Additionally, the assistance of a Mighty Line applicator further simplifies the process with guidance and automatic liner removal.

Reach out to OHDIS today to learn more information on Mighty Line floor tape applicators. We are happy to help!

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