4” Blue Floor Tape


SKU: 45VR67

4” Blue Floor Tape from OHDIS

At OHDIS, we understand the important role that floor marking plays in a warehouse, creating a safer environment for your business and employees. Our 4” blue floor tape, also known as product 45VR67, was designed for safety while also increasing productivity and workplace appearance. Our 100’ tape rolls help improve your organization by marking off receiving, shipping, inspecting, and machining areas, along with anything else you need.

Best yet, with our tape firmly in place, there is no worry of disrupting work production as our blue 4-inch floor tape allows foot traffic and wheel traffic to move right over it without causing damage or tearing. Plus, the beveled-edge design and thickness of its 50-MIL PVC material helps improve durability in industrial environments.

Benefits of Our Blue 4-Inch Floor Tape

 By utilizing our 4” blue floor tape, you’ll help increase safety and awareness among your employees. In addition to these factors, there are various additional benefits to using our blue 4-inch floor tape, which include: 

  • Creating an organized and clean workspace
  • Product longevity, as it won’t wear away as paint does
  • Protecting equipment and workers
  • Ability to apply it with ease in minutes
  • Increasing efficiency and employee morale
  • Offered in bright colors, such as our 4” blue floor tape that is easily visible

4” Blue Floor Tape Helps Organize Your Workplace

Our blue 4-inch floor tape is ideal for following the 5S Color Code standard, allowing you to properly organize items in your facility. In the 5S Color Code, blue is usually designated for materials or notices, including areas with resources or raw materials, spaces designated as work-in-progress, and finished work areas.

Our 4” blue floor tape thus can help a facility become more functional, as all members of your team will be aware of key work areas, which stations they need to go to, and which stations they need to keep clear. The greater 5S system is designated as:

  • Sort – Sort through everything in the environment, discarding anything that is not needed to complete the job. Eliminate all unnecessary items.
  • Stabilize/Set in Order – Organize and label all items necessary. To help get the job done more efficiently, place the supplies or tools in a logical place.
  • Shine – Guarantee that your workplace “shines” with regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Standardize – Generate and follow processes that align with the first three S’s.
  • Sustain – Ensure that your employees follow this process and that guidelines are in place.

The road to safety with your employees and facility starts by incorporating the 5S system using our blue 4-inch floor tape.

Contact Us to Order Your 4” Blue Floor Tape

OHDIS offers a variety of adhesive products that help aid manufacturing environments, and we pride ourselves on offering these high-quality products at a competitive price. 

Are you interested in putting safety first and increasing efficiency in your warehouse? Contact us today if you have any questions about our blue 4-inch floor tape or if you’d like to place an order!

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