2" Blue Floor Tape – 100’ Roll


SKU: 45VR63

Optimizing your facility with signs and directions helps improve productivity. You may do this by marking off shipping, receiving, inspecting, or machining areas.

If you are looking for an alternative to painted lines but still want to maintain an organized environment, try using 2” blue floor tape from OHDIS.

Understanding the Advantages of Blue 2-Inch Floor Tape

The following features and benefits make our 2” blue floor tape the ideal solution for your facility:

  • Simplicity – Featuring a peel-and-stick application, blue 2-inch floor tape is user-friendly and can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Durability – Our tape features beveled edges which allow it to survive under the conditions of harsh industrial environments. Additionally, it is strong enough to allow forklift drivers to drive directly over it without damage
  • Washable – The blue 2-inch tape we supply is designed to withstand industrial scrubbers and the effects of cleaning. We encourage that you wash your tape to maintain visibility and effectiveness.

Contact Us Today and Start Optimizing Your Facility with 2-Inch Blue Floor Tape

OHDIS has you covered with 2-inch blue floor tape that is designed to be durable and user-friendly. Contact us today and start discovering the benefits of using floor tape in your facility!

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