2-Inch Blue Tape – 100’ Roll


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Using colored floor tape from OHDIS to optimize your facility’s performance can help to improve overall productivity, safety, and organization. You may do this by marking off shipping, receiving, inspecting, or machining areas with one of our many floor marking products, including our 2-inch blue tape.

2-inch blue tape from OHDIS serves as a great alternative to painted lines while still maintaining an organized environment. There are many convenient benefits to utilizing 2-inch blue floor tape including its easy application and mess-free removal.

Understanding the Advantages of 2-Inch Blue Floor Tape

Our 2-inch blue tape is incredibly versatile and can be customized for your warehouse or facility. Additional features and benefits that make our 2” blue floor tape the ideal solution for your operations include:

  • Simplicity – Featuring a peel-and-stick application, blue 2-inch floor tape is user-friendly and can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Durability – Our tape features beveled edges which allow it to survive under the conditions of harsh industrial environments. Additionally, it is strong enough to allow forklift drivers to drive directly over it without damage
  • Washable – The 2-inch blue tape we supply is designed to withstand industrial scrubbers and the effects of heavy-duty cleaning. We encourage that you wash your tape to maintain visibility, vibrancy, and effectiveness over time.

How to Apply Our 2-Inch Blue Floor Tape

2-inch blue tape from OHDIS is incredibly efficient, durable, and easy to apply. We value having a user-friendly product that can be applied quickly, not disrupting your production schedule. To easily apply 2-inch blue floor tape, we recommend following these four steps: 

  1. Clean your floors and allow them to fully dry
  2. Peel off the protective backing of the adhesive
  3. Adhere the 2-inch blue tape to the desired location
  4. Apply pressure to ensure long-term durability 

More About OHDIS – Your Source for Floor Tape Products

OHDIS has been providing adhesive solutions for over 20 years. Our expertise and variety of high-quality products have allowed us to establish a presence across many industries, particularly the manufacturing sector. Our team is able to provide custom products designed to help your business grow and thrive.

At OHDIS, we also offer competitive pricing and bulk purchasing options. Interested in pricing for any of our products? Request a quote through our website today.

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In addition to warehouse 2-inch blue tape, we also supply a wide variety of other products that can be used together or independently throughout your facility.

Interested in how OHDIS can provide better solutions for you? Check out our selection of floor tapesfloor signstape dispensers, and even custom items to help highlight instructions and improve operations in your workspace.

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