4” Striped Black and Yellow Tape – 1 EA, 45VR93


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4” Black and Yellow Striped Floor Tape from OHDIS

OHDIS strives to provide companies with a variety of floor marking solutions that can be used throughout your facility.

With items for everything from safety to organization, we have products to keep your facility operating properly. For example, our 4” striped black and yellow floor tape can be used to indicate hazards or suggest workers proceed with caution in your facility.

Start Using Our 4” Black and Yellow Striped Floor Tape in Your Facility 

Our safety floor tape can help improve your facility via numerous traits:

  • Durability – Our 4” black and yellow striped floor tape is completed with beveled edges and is seven times thicker than average floor tape, which adds to its structural integrity. These features help resist damage or tearing, even with continuous foot and forklift traffic.

  • Cost-efficiency – Floor painting requires touch-ups 2-3 times each year, reducing productivity and increasing costs. With proper installation, our tape is designed to stay in place for up to 3 years, reducing downtime in your facility and helping your team stay on track.

  • Low-maintenance design – We recommend that you clean your 4” striped black and yellow tape for the best visibility. Since our floor tape is 50 MIL thick, it can still be cleaned by industrial scrubbers used throughout the rest of your facility while resisting peeling.

The Benefits of Applying 4” Black and Yellow Striped Tape in Your Facility

This alternative to painted lines is capable of improving the appearance of your facility, all while boosting organization. Our 4” black and yellow striped floor marking tape can help with the following:

  • Designating areas for receiving, shipping, and inspecting packages
  • Outlining aisles for traffic
  • Marking storage and staging areas
  • Indicating pallet rows

When you use our 4” striped black and yellow tape in your facility, you’ll receive benefits such as:

  • Creating a clean and organized workspace
  • Increasing safety and awareness among your employees
  • Bettering morale and efficiency among employees
  • Protecting equipment and workers

Other Key Features of Our 4-Inch Striped Black and Yellow Tape

Some additional aspects to keep in mind about our 4” black and yellow striped floor tape include:

  • It comes in 100’ rolls
  • It is made of durable 50 MIL PVC
  • It is simple to apply

On that last point, our 4-inch striped black and yellow tape couldn’t be easier – just clean your floor and allow it to dry. Then, peel and stick the tape to the floor and walk over it to ensure a quality bond.

In addition to easy application, you will also benefit from simple removal when you use our black and yellow safety tape. When you need to redesign areas of your facility, you can just peel up the tape and not have to worry about leftover residue on the floor. Then, you can clean the area and repeat the application process to create new boundaries in minutes. 

Contact Us for 4-Inch Black and Yellow Striped Floor Tape

If you’re looking to spruce up your facility and add some needed safety measures, our 4” striped black and yellow safety tape is your best bet. Contact us today for any assistance!

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