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At OHDIS, we recognize the importance of safety in a warehouse. By implementing our 4-inch yellow floor tape, you can create a clean and organized space, ultimately leading to increased employee morale. 

Uses of Our Yellow Safety Floor Tape

Our safety floor tape can provide various benefits when implemented properly throughout your facility. As an ideal alternative to utilizing paint, you can use 4-inch yellow tape for the following purposes:

  • Indicating pallet rows
  • Marking off storage and staging areas
  • Outlining aisles for traffic
  • Designating areas for receiving, shipping, inspecting, or machining
  • Creating a 5S standard

Applying 45VR70 – 4-Inch Yellow Floor Tape

To apply your 4-inch yellow floor tape, clean the surface of your floors and allow it to dry. Peel and stick the tape and walk over it to ensure a quality bond. The peel-and-stick application means your floor tape is ready for immediate foot and forklift traffic.

It is encouraged that you clean over the top of 45VR70 to maintain the visual effectiveness of your 4” yellow floor tape.

Creating a 5S Environment with 4-Inch Yellow Tape

Designed to organize the workplace, the 5S system is used to eliminate unnecessary clutter and create designated areas for all processes. This 5S method focuses on putting everything where it belongs, helping to prevent injuries or downtime. By implementing our safety products, such as our 4-inch yellow tape, you can take full advantage of everything a 5S system has to offer.

This 5S system is defined as:

  • Sort – Be sure to organize everything in the work environment and eliminate all unnecessary items. Everything not needed should be removed.
  • Stabilize/Set in Order – Label all necessary items. Place your supplies and tools in a logical place that will help get the job done more quickly.
  • Shine – Begin by eliminating any existing dirt, debris, and dust in work areas. You want to be sure that your workplace is properly maintained and regularly cleaned.
  • Standardize – This step takes the other three steps and makes them uniform across the business.
  • Sustain – For this step, ensure that your employees follow the guidelines and processes set in place. This is important as 5S needs to be consistently followed in order to see results.

In addition to these standards, there is also a color code that is a very valuable component to ensure optimal workplace organization. Looking specifically at the 4-inch yellow floor tape, it’s ideal for designating emergency exits and vehicle pathways throughout a facility. It’s used for traffic lanes, work cells, and aisleways.

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In addition to our yellow floor tape, we offer a wide variety of other 4” floor tapes including:

Why Choose OHDIS as Your Tape Supplier

When you’re considering OHDIS, know that we’ve been in the market for over twenty years, offering various solutions to help assist in production within the manufacturing space. We work directly with our customers and have the knowledge on how to help your business grow with our products.

By selecting OHDIS for any of your 4-inch yellow tape needs, you’ll reap benefits such as:

  • Zero residue left behind during removal
  • Heavy-duty and reliable materials
  • Protection of equipment and employees
  • Beveled edges to withstand tough conditions
  • Cost-effective products
  • Custom solutions

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