Floor Marking Tape, Solid, L, Angles, 2" Width, 45VR79, 100 PK


SKU: 45VR79

VULTURE® floor-marking angles are designed to help increase safety, awareness, and organization in facilities by providing a border for traffic and storage areas. 45VR79 can be used along with VULTURE® floor tapes to create borders for large areas, and 45VR79 can also be used alone to mark off the four corners of a tow motor or forklift station. 45VR79 has various uses in manufacturing, storage, healthcare, hospitality, and other high-traffic facilities and 5s environments. 45VR79 can withstand forklift traffic. 45VR79 can be cleaned over with an industrial scrubber. 45VR79 can also be purchased in packs of 25. 

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