2" Yellow Floor Tape Angles


SKU: 45VR78

At OHDIS, we offer a variety of floor tape products to help you create a safe and organized workspace. Our yellow 2-inch floor tape angles are among our many heavy-duty tape products that perfectly define and section off areas throughout your warehouse or building.

We recognize that the ease of navigating your facility can drastically improve the overall performance and safety of your operations, which is why our team is committed to helping you find the right tape products to meet your needs.

2" Yellow Floor Tape Angles from OHDIS

With our tape products, you skip the hassle of having to paint markings on the floor. Our 2” yellow floor tape angles are a great alternative to painting because they can be removed and relocated if floor plans change, there is no downtime for drying, and they are highly resistant to tough warehouse conditions such as weather, foot traffic, industrial scrubbing, and heavy machinery. Other benefits include:


  • Creating a clean and organized workspace
  • Increasing employee morale and efficiency
  • Protecting equipment and workers
  • Easily outlining aisles for traffic
  • Neatly marking off storage and staging areas

More About Our 2” Yellow Floor Tape Angles

2” yellow floor tape angles from OHDIS are available in packs of 100 or 25, and the official OHDIS product number for our 2-inch yellow floor tape angles is 45VR78. You can also purchase our 2” floor tape angles in the following colors and patterns:

In addition to our 2” floor tape angles, our floor tape angles are also available in 3-inch width varieties as well.

Contact OHDIS Today About Our Yellow 2-Inch Floor Tape Angles

When you purchase 2” yellow floor tape angles, we make the process simple. For a full list of floor tape offerings and more, visit our products page or contact a member of our team today!

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