Our Photoluminescent Anti-Slip Tape, 2” x 52’, 83-0780


SKU: 83-0780

American Permalight Anti-Slip Tape from OHDIS

When you oversee a warehouse, industrial facility, hospital, or other highly trafficked workspace, keeping everything moving while maintaining safety is key. Any accidents or injuries can result in downtime as well as potential legal problems, so implementing safety precautions is in any company’s best interests.

This is why OHDIS supplies American Permalight photoluminescent anti-slip tape, a strong, rugged floor tape option that businesses continue to trust. Read on to learn about everything it can provide.

About Our Anti-Slip Tape

The American Permalight photoluminescent anti-slip tape that we supply gives effective traction underfoot while marking pathways brightly. By illuminating aisles clearly and preventing slips and falls, this tape will keep your employees, visitors, and customers safe, ensuring that your operations continue on unabated.

Our anti-slip tape, model number 83-0780, is self-adhesive for a quick and simple application and it comes on rolls 2 inches wide by 52 feet long.

This tape, like all of our floor tapes, is especially appealing in comparison to painting lines since paint readily chips and fades, and you have to block off work areas for periods to apply it and wait for it to dry. But floor tape just needs to be applied firmly and evenly by one of your employees and you’ll be good to go. No blocked off areas, no drying, and no downtime.

One thing to note about our photoluminescent anti-slip tape, however, is that it is best suited for smooth, flat, and straight floor surfaces. We would not recommend application on curved step nosing, walls, handrails, pipes, or any other space beyond flat floors.

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