39.4" X 1.75" Self-Adhesive Black and Yellow Foam Guard


SKU: 82-0416

American Permalight's Corner Guards are made to prevent injuries, protect walls and equipment, alert workers to well-marked hazards, and install easily. Protruding corners, edges, and objects pose a high risk of personal injury within manufacturing, warehousing, and packaging facilities. 82-0416 is made of recyclable polyurethane foam, which absorbs the force of impacts and gently bounces back. 82-0416 will increase safety, minimize work-related injuries, and protect walls/racks/equipment throughout your facilities. 82-0416 is self-adhesive, allowing for easy application.  82-0416 is NOT photoluminescent (this is a non-glow Permalight product)

Dimensions: 39+3/8" L, 1.75" H, 1.75" W

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