2” Yellow Floor Tape T’s from OHDIS


SKU: 45VR86

Organization and efficiency are crucial aspects of successful business operations. At OHDIS, we have high-quality floor tape products to help your business reach its full potential in these areas. Our floor tape is ideal for floor marking in warehouses, oil and gas facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality environments, and much more.

Our ultra-durable 2” yellow floor tape T’s are built to last and guaranteed to resist peeling or breakage over long periods of time, even in the toughest of conditions. Increase safety, organization, and productivity in your workplace with yellow 2-inch floor tape T’s from OHDIS.

Our Heavy-Duty Yellow 2-Inch Floor Tape T’s

OHDIS 2” yellow floor tape T’s are designed to increase safety and awareness by providing a border for high-traffic and storage areas. This product bonds to concrete floors, can withstand industrial cleaning, and can be removed in one piece when the time comes. Our tape product is simple to apply and use and is ideal for 5S facilities, lean manufacturing, and other industrial areas.

For reference, this product is listed as:

  • OHDIS Part Number – 45VR86

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Benefits for Our 2” Yellow Floor Tape T’s

If you’ve been seeking out a tape product that will offer a host of advantages, our yellow 2-inch floor tape will truly deliver. Some of these benefits include:

  • Creating a clean and properly organized workspace
  • Boosting facility efficiency and productivity
  • Protecting your staff and equipment
  • Creating clear demarcations for storage, staging areas, and aisles of traffic
  • Maintaining vibrant color even following regular use
  • Saving time and money, especially when compared to painted lines
  • Leaving minimal residue upon removal

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