Safety Floor Tape from OHDIS

Safety floor tape from OHDIS is ideal for floor marking in warehouses, oil and gas facilities, healthcare and hospitality environments, and much more. Made from heavy-duty materials and equipped with beveled edges, our line marking tape can withstand industrial scrubbers, forklifts, truck traffic and more.

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OHDIS Safety Floor Tape


OHDIS Heavy-Duty Floor Marking Tape

OHDIS provides heavy-duty line marking tape that will bear the toughest of warehouse conditions for extended periods of time. Some of the industrial floor marking tape options we offer include:

OHDIS Ultra Durable Safety Floor Tape – This heavy-duty floor marking tape is available in 2- or 4-inch-wide rolls, as well as a number of different colors. The vinyl tape is backed with an industrial-strength adhesive that is meant to bond with concrete floors.

Solid Vulture Floor Tape – This industrial floor tape is offered in 2-, 3-, 4-, or 6-inch-wide rolls, each with 7 or more color options. Vulture’s 100’ roll is ideal for keeping a workplace lean and in order. This heavy-duty floor marking tape is available in the following colors:

Vulture Diagonal Safety Floor Tape – This striped warehouse floor tape is guaranteed to help keep your work environment safe. Available in black/white, black/yellow, and red/white stripes, as well as 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-inch rolls.

Vulture Center Line Safety Floor Tape – This solid-colored industrial floor tape is offered in 2- or 4-inch rolls in the following color combinations: orange/blue, yellow/black, and yellow/blue.

Vulture Die Cut Floor Shapes – Die-cut floor shapes from Vulture are offered as angles, T’s, footprints, arrows, and dots. Additionally, each shape is available in a number of solid colors or stripes.

Vulture Glow-in-the-Dark Safety Floor Tapes – Vulture’s glow-in-the-dark tapes are available to be purchased in red or yellow, 2- or 4-inch continuous rolls. The glowing center line of the industrial floor tape will keep work environments safe and organized even in poor lighting conditions.

OHDIS Industrial Floor Tapes – Industrial floor marking tapes from OHDIS includes wing and propeller erosion prevention tape, all-weather polyethylene adhesive tape, and waterproof duct tape.

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