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In addition to heavy-duty floor marking tape, we also provide a number of products that will help you arrange your workplace. These products include:

OHDIS adhesive and safety solutions will help you create a well-organized and safe work environment.

Implement OHDIS Industrial Floor Marking Tape

Utilizing industrial floor tape in your work environment will help increase safety and awareness among your employees. Additional benefits of implementing heavy-duty floor marking tape are as follows:

  • Creates a clean and organized workspace
  • Increases employee morale and efficiency
  • Protects equipment and workers

Unlike paint, warehouse floor tape from OHDIS can be applied in minutes and can be walked on or driven over within minutes of application. Additionally, floor tape will not wear away like paint and will last for years. Available in bright colors that are easily visible and cost-efficient, our warehouse floor tape is the superior alternative to painting lines.

Heavy-duty floor marking tape helps improve the appearance and organization of your warehouse. As an alternative to painted lines, you can use floor marking tape for the following purposes:

  • Designating areas for receiving, shipping, inspecting, or machinin
  • Outlining aisles for traffic
  • Marking off storage and staging areas
  • Indicating pallet rows

How to Apply Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape from OHDIS is super easy and quick to apply. The steps are as follows:

  1. Clean your floor and allow it to dry completely

  2. Simply peel and stick the heavy-duty tape to the floor

  3. Walk over the applied tape to ensure a quality and long-lasting bond

  4. Clean tape regularly to ensure maximum visibility

Once applied, line marking tape from OHDIS will last for years even in the harshest of work environments. After years of use, easily peel off your industrial floor tape from OHDIS. Our products do not leave any residue, making it easy to remove old tape and apply new.

Warehouse Floor Tape – A 5S Application

5S is a system established to organize a workplace in a way that increases efficiency and effectiveness. By eliminating unnecessary clutter in the workplace, creating designated areas for everything, and establishing a standard way to accomplish tasks, a facility will become more functional. 5S is defined as:

  • Sort – Sort through everything in the work environment and eliminate all unnecessary items. Everything that is not needed in order to complete the job should be removed.
  • Stabilize/Set in Order – Label and organize necessary items. Place tools or supplies in a logical place that will help get the job done quicker.
  • Shine – Ensure that your workplace “shines” with regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Standardize – Create and follow uniform processes that align with the first three S’s.
  • Sustain – Ensure your employees follow the processes and guidelines set in place.

Utilizing warehouse floor tape in your workplace allows you to properly organize items, thus reducing time wasted looking for tools or supplies. Overall, a workplace with 5S in practice will face fewer delays in service, produce less waste, and increase efficiency. This in turn results in higher quality products and lower costs.

Our Vulture industrial floor tape follows the 5S system when implemented within your facility. Vulture floor tape is better than Condor Floor Tape because it leaves no residue and has a longer warranty.


OHDIS has been in the adhesive and converting market for over twenty years. We offer a variety of niche, adhesive solutions to aid in production within the manufacturing space. We provide many adhesives and tapes through our retail sales channel at OHDIS.com.

OHDIS also offers custom adhesive and custom converting solutions. Our warehouse floor tapes and adhesives can protect your equipment, keep your workers safe, increase workflow speed, and help you to offer better products at a lower cost.

We work directly with all potential customers on custom adhesive needs and we know just how to help your business grow with adhesive solutions. To learn more about heavy-duty floor marking tape from OHDIS, contact us today.

Ready to improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace? Browse through our adhesive products to find what you need or request a custom adhesive solution.


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