A Complete Guide to 5S Color Code Standards

At OHDIS, we have been providing 5S color coding products and safety solutions to the adhesive and converting market for more than twenty years. To give our clients a full range of tape solutions, our floor tape is available in a various sizes and colors in accordance with the 5S tape color code.

Organize Your Workplace with the 5S System

The 5S system was designed to organize the workplace in such a way that increases efficiency and effectiveness. This method is used to eliminate unnecessary clutter throughout the workplace and create designated areas for all products and processes. 5S is defined as:

  • Sort – Sort through all the items in the work facility and remove all items that are no longer absolutely necessary.
  • Set in Order – Label and organize the remaining necessary items while adhering to the 5S color standards. When organizing, position tools, products, and supplies in a logical order that will help to increase productivity.
  • Shine – Be sure that your workplace is properly maintained and cleaned regularly so that it “shines.”
  • Standardize – Establish uniform processes for your employees to follow that align with the first three S’s in the 5S system.
  • Sustain – Strive to make sure that these guidelines become an everyday part of the workplace culture to help to improve productivity and organization.

The 5S Tape Color Code

Floor marking tape from OHDIS is a very valuable component of the 5S tape color code. We provide various 5S colors and size options to ensure optimal workplace organization. Designed for durability and versatility, our floor tapes are capable of withstanding even the toughest industrial conditions.

We supply an array of floor tape colors that adhere to the 5S color standards. Each floor tape color is designated as outlined:

  • Yellow – Used for traffic lanes, aisleways, and work cells. Yellow is ideal for designating emergency exits and vehicle pathways throughout the workplace.
  • Red – Red tape is used as a warning for employees to prevent harm or injury. In addition, red signifies defects, scrap, rework, and red tag areas.
  • Blue/Black/Green – Used to mark all materials or components in the production process. This includes both finished items and work-in-progress items.
  • Orange – Orange tape is used to denote any product or material that is being held for inspection.
  • White – This color is used for any equipment that is not color coded under a different system. Essentially, this color can be used to mark off general areas in the facility.

Not only do the 5S color code standards improve organization and efficiency, but they have also been used to prevent countless dangerous situations in the workplace.

OHDIS Safety Products to Improve Your 5S Workplace Environment

In addition to the 5S color coding tape options we supply, our team offers a range of products ideal for warehouses, oil and gas facilities, healthcare facilities, and hospitality environments. Our assorted safety solutions are listed below:

Contact OHDIS to Learn More About 5S Floor Marking Standards

If you’re looking to improve the safety, organization, efficiency, and appearance of your work environment, implement the 5S system at your facility. Using 5S color coding and the assorted safety products from OHDIS, your workplace will experience fewer process and service delays, reduce waste, and improve productivity.

Contact our team at OHDIS today to learn more about the 5S floor marking standards and safety solutions we offer.
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