Wing and Propeller Erosion Prevention Tape P2604


SKU: P2604

This tape helps to protect various machine parts from wind, water, and sand erosion. This tape extends the life of airplane propellers and wings. It can also extend the life of windmill blades, protecting them from chips caused by rain and wind. This tape is a cheaper alternative to 3M 8663 HS while still offering high quality erosion protection. 

We can convert this tape to varying widths based on your needs. Price is subject to change based on width. 


  • Erosion protection of aircraft leading edges, propellers, de-icer systems, and helicopter rotors
  • Erosion protection for windmill blades. Anti-Erosion Windmill tape. 
  • Surface and paint protection on automobiles and other vehicles.

Product Benefits: 

  • Offers superior adhesion without the use of a primer
  • Extends the service life of aircraft parts
  • Prevents damage in abrasive environment
  • Excellent resistance to solvents and oils
  • Excellent conformability to irregular surfaces
  • Paintable polyurethane film
  • Service temperature: -30ºC to +160ºC

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