Ultimate Diamond Foot ROLL, Anti-Fatigue, 15/16" Thick, Dry Area Mat, 230



Apache Mills Ultimate Diamond Foot Mats provide a durable vinyl surface bonded to a resilient, closed-cell vinyl foam to provide excellent anti-fatigue and anti-wear matting for your facilities. Apache Mills proudly provides the matting industry's favorite diamond plate mat surfaces, for unparalleled traction and lasting resistance to common fluids and chemicals. The Diamond Plate surface is anti-flammable with beveled edges to promote safety, and it is created with 100% recycled materials.

230 has a 3/16" thick Diamond Plate Surface, which is durably adhered on top of a 3/4" thick ultra-comfort, closed-cell ErgoFlex foam, providing unparalleled traction and superior comfort. 230 is the most comfortable, premium grade Diamond Foot mat, manufactured by Apache Mills. Total mat thickness: 15/16"

230 comes with a limited 3-year warranty against wear and delamination.

230 mats are recommended for automotive/industrial work cells, specifically within packing, machine shops, and maintenance areas. 230 is made for dry work spaces.

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