10-Gallon Universal Spill Kit from OHDIS



At OHDIS, we offer a diverse array of high-quality spill cleanup kits that are guaranteed to keep your workspace clean and efficient. Within our expansive product line, we offer 10-gallon spill containment kits for work-related incidents, such as heavy machine leaks, contaminated floors, or even a simple refrigerator leak.

Learn more about how a 10-gallon spill cleanup kit from OHDIS can further increase productivity and safety in your workspace today.

About Our Supply of 10-Gallon Spill Containment Kits

When choosing to purchase a 10-gallon universal spill kit from us, you have the choice of either a general, oil only, or aggressive spill kit. On top of that, each 10-gallon spill containment kit includes 22 pads, 5 socks sized 3-inch by 4-foot, 1 set of gloves, 2 disposable bags, and 1 instruction sheet. Our universal cleanup kits come with these additional items to ensure that any spill that you encounter will be cleaned in a quick and efficient manner, allowing you to resume the tasks at hand.

Beyond our 10-gallon spill control kits, the other universal spill kits and cleanup products that we offer include the following:

For more information regarding each of our products, please visit our individual product pages.

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If you are looking for 10-gallon spill control kits for any busy workspace, let our team at OHDIS supply you with the high-quality products that will get the job done.

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